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Some of our projects with local Renovators

Some of our projects with local builders

Our services include:

Pre-wire - cable, phone, network, conduit, security & automation, Home Theatre, Multi-Room audio/video, Lighting & Shade control

Installation – cable, phone, network, security & automation, Home Theatre, Multi-Room audio/video, Lighting & Shade control

Installation - Flat Screen TV’s, Satellite Systems, Residential Network Systems, cable satellite, phone & Network termination,

We also offer incentive programs for both Production and Custom home builders . Our incentive programs can assist you with your bottom line while adding increased value to the houses you build. We also carry full Liability Insurance and WSIB coverage on all of our employees.

Builders & Renovators


As consumer demand for home entertainment and technology grows, it has become increasingly crucial to consider a home's electronic systems during the planning stages of the building process.

By offering your customers low-voltage options, you are enhancing the value and marketability of the homes that you build and differentiating your homes from those of your competitors. By offering a range of low-voltage options, you are communicating to potential home buyers that you attentive to their needs.

The sophistication of Home Entertainment is constantly increasing and it is at a point where most custom and production builders would benefit from the assistance of a low-voltage specialist. We are specialists in the planning, pre-wiring and installation of audio/video systems, home networking and whole-house integration.

A/V Design Consultants would be delighted to be your low-voltage specialist. We have the knowledge, the experience and the desire to assist you and your customers in making their new home everything they wished for .

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We offer the following incentives for Builders:

  • Pre-wire programs and packages that can be customized for your projects
  • Free pre-wire for model homes (conditions apply)
  • Competitive pricing & reliable service
  • 24/7 customer support  
  • 2-year warranty on all installations
  • Incentive packages
  • All products and wiring from top-notch suppliers
  • Full WSIB coverage on all of our employee

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We specialize in designing, pre-wiring and installing a full range of home electronic systems, including innovative home theatre and multi-room audio systems that can range from simple to sophisticated, but are always easy to use.

We can also incorporate lighting & climate controls as well as motorized window shading solutions for one room or for the entire house. We can provide and install all hardware for a seamlessly networked data and telecommunications systems plus security.

We have been a Kitchener based Audio/Video systems contractor since 1999 and we have many years of experience working with builders both locally and nationally. We are familiar with basic multi-unit projects, semi and fully- detached houses, as well as large custom designed homes. Our familiarity with building practices will ensure that our work is completed in a timely and professional manner.

Builders and Renovators

If you’re a Residential or Commercial contractor or renovator and you require the services of a low-voltage installer, let A/V Design Consultants be your first contact. We understand the importance of the vision that both you and your customer share.

Almost any renovation can benefit from the addition of audio video. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements and Outside spaces can be retro-fitted or wired for Multi-Room audio, Home Theatre and Home Automation. Public spaces in commercial projects may require background music/paging systems, digital signage or multi-location video distribution. We can assist with all of these applications. 

From pre-wire to installation, A/V Design Consultants can assist you through every phase of the renovation and we can insure a job well done and done on budget. We carry full Liability Insurance and WSIB coverage on all of our employees.

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