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The Indoor Farmer in Waterloo required some assistance in setting up the audio/video and security system for their retail location. We installed a 40" flat panel TV on which they play an instructional U-Tube video playlist for their customers. We also installed 4 ceiling mounted speakers and a passive subwoofer that were provided by the customer. For a security system, a 8 channel FLIR Networked Video Recorder and seven FLIR dome cameras were installed. All of the cameras can be viewed and controlled remotely using the FLIR App  

Our friends at The Boardwalk in Waterloo asked us to provide another background audio system this time for the outdoor Splash Pad. We were asked to supply and install an outdoor audio system that would provide background audio for the patrons at The Splash Pad.

We installed 2 pairs of Episode 8" all-weather 70 volt speakers, one pair on each of the two buildings. These 4 speakers are powered by a InterM 4 channel power amplifier rated at 150 watts per channel. The source for the system is a InterM AM/FM tuner that is tuned full time to a local radio station.

As per the customers request, the speakers are installed on the roof, at points below the parapet  at the front of the building and are not visible from the ground.

Waterloo, Ontario 

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The fine folks at Armo Tool Company in London, Ontario asked if we could assist in making the Conference Room systems in two spaces easier to use. In the first Conference Room, we used the RTI CX7 Touchpanel to control the two TV system. The CX7 also manipulates a Key Digital HDMI Matrix Switcher which send any of the 4 HDMI table top inputs to either of the 70" TV's. We have also split the HDMI output from the PC which allows for the PC image to be sent to either of the TV's as well.  

In Conference Room #2, we used the same RTI CX7 Touchscreen to control the system as well. We also added an Atlona AT-HD-SC-500 auto switcher which automatically detects any of the 3 table-top inputs (2 HDMI and 1 VGA with audio) and can send it to either of the two TV's. . We have also split the HDMI output from the PC which allows for the PC image to be sent to either of the TV's as well.  

We were asked by Cargill in Guelph to supply and install a multi-zone audio system for 2 large office spaces, as well as 5 individual offices and a Boardroom.

We used 6 Yamaha stereo receivers to supply audio to the offices and Boardroom. These receivers are using their internal AM/FM tuner as well as an input from one of the 3 Sonos units to supply background sound to these spaces. We also installed America Inter-M in-ceiling speakers in each of these rooms as well as volume controls for individual volume control for each room.  

There is a 2 X 150 watt 70 volt Episode amplifier that is used to drive the large office spaces. These spaces have a combined 38 Episode Commercial  in-ceiling speakers installed between the 2 rooms. Two dedicated Sonos CONNECT for each space are used as the main audio sources.  

An additional office has a dedicated Sonos CONNECT AMP that is used for background audio. The end user has their pick of any of the free and subscription audio channels offered by Sonos. We also installed America Inter-M in-ceiling speakers in this office with a volume control as well.

In addition, we also provide a dedicated pair of in-ceiling speakers for the Boardroom. The audio from the TV used for presentations is being sent to the in-ceiling speakers via a Yamaha 100 watt X 2 receiver.

We as well installed 6 pairs of Episode commercial grade  in-ceiling speakers in a large Presentation room to augment the audio from the Projection system. These speakers are being powered by the Episode Plenum rated 6o watt mono 70 volt amplifer which is installed in the ceiling.


Guelph, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario 

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This installation was for the Electrical Safety Authority in Cambridge, Ontario. They asked us to provide a 90" flat screen TV with a HDMI/VGA switching system that would be easy for the staff to use. We installed an Atlona switcher/scaler system to accommodate this request. We also removed the existing screen and projection system, repaired and re-painted the drywall where the screen was mounted as well as re-mounting a white board.