After a programmed delay, the shades close automatically to secure the room. The Lutron controlledlighting system is raised to full to ensure best picture quality for the Videoconferencing System. 

Corporate videoconferencing & audio video systems 

Corporate services include:

- Videoconferencing & Telepresence

- Audio Conferencing Systems

- User Control Panels & Remote Systems

- SmartBoard & Interactive Whiteboards

- Presentation Systems

- Video Displays & Digital Signage Systems

- Lighting & Shade Control

- Room Management Systems

Tele and Video Conferencing systems

Our Corporate Conferencing systems open up the entire room and allow everyone to freely participate in the meeting from the comforts of their chair. Users on the far side can be in another conference, meeting room or cell phone. We can easily integrate a Tele and Video conferencing system into your existing conference room or Boardroom A/V design, so it becomes an integral part of your entire conference room AV system.

Video teleconferencing services are available without any complexity, as the equipment is simple, and the participants are easily connected to each other. There is nothing confusing while using the technology, and you do not need great amount of training to conduct meetings using video teleconferencing. boardrooms videoconferencing meeting room

We have the products to give your Conference Room, Training Room, Meeting Room, or Boardroom the correct fit for its Communication and Audio Video needs. We also offer a one on one, professional, local approach for all of your Audio Video needs in your environment. We design our systems to meet your budget and goals while taking into consideration all of the important intricacies of your space.

We also are an authorized dealer for many Corporate and Commercial audio/video product lines. Our commitment to these commercial product lines are based on their reliability and our own extensive testing of the devices in the field.

Some of our video products include Smart Board & Interactive Presentation systems, Sharp Flat Screen TV’s, Panasonic Pro Video, Cisco Video Conferencing Systems and the Evoko meeting Room Manager.

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RTI CX7 Touchpanel

Table-top inputs are available for your presenters to plug in and show their data. Staff and guests have the convenience of using HDMI and VGA inputs to show their presentations for both sides of the Video Conference. 

Clean and Simple

24/7  Customer Support AV Design Consultants

The Evoko Room Manager has informed all parties that the Boardroom will be in use. The Evoko Room Manager allows parties to book the Conference or Presentation Room from a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.