Tio TouchStream 4 is a 4" full color high-density display keypad that combines the power and functionality of the TiO StealthStream 1 with the control of the TiO Home App.

You can control all aspects of the Tio system including lighting, music, security and HVAC from the TouchStream4 as well being able to create "Moods" and "Experiences" at the touch of a few buttons. 

The TouchStream 4 fits into an existing single gang J-box or can easily be installed in a new construction application. It was also soon be available in a 7" model called the TouchStream 7.

The Touchscreen 7 will have all of the same features of the TouchStream 4 but it will have the 7" for even easier viewing screen and fit into a standard double gang J-box.  

Tio can also manage and operate HVAC controls from the Tio Home App. Climate control products such as the Nest Learning Thermostat can connect to the TiO network and become part of the Tio system.

From the Tio Home App, you can set temperature for heat and cooling based on time of day, occupancy or Vacation mode. In combination with the inherent learning capabilities of the Nest Thermostat, you will see savings is your heating and cooling bills almost immediately.  

Lighting in TiO system can be controlled by the TiO Home App or by dimmer/switches located in the home. Existing dimmer or switches can be easily be replaced with the TiO TouchLite 4 Dimmer/Switch or the TiO TouchLite 4 dimmer/switches can be configured into a new construction design.

The TiO TouchLite 4 can dim a variety of bulb types, even if they are a part of the same circuit. Incandescent, CFL and even LED's can be dimmed by one TiO TouchLite 4  dimmer, even if the fixtures are all on the same circuit.

The TiO Home App can be used to operate any of the lighting on the Tio system. In turn, any combination of light can be easily configured to create a "Mood" in the Tio system. These lighting "Moods" can in turn be configured into the Tio system to create "Experiences"

The Tio TouchLite 4 can be configured to be a 1, 2, 3 or 4button keypad depending on your needs. The labels for these keypads are custom printed on demand and on-site, as opposed to ordering them and paying additional for custom printing.

The Tio TouchLite 4 dimmer/switch is available in black or white and can fit into single gang J-Boxes.

Unlike most home automation systems, we put the power of the system in your hands. Through our TiO Home App, you can quickly and easily create unique TiO Moods™ in every room in your home. To capture a Mood, simply walk into a room, set all the elements to your desired levels and tap "Capture Mood". Instantly every nuance is saved and can be recreated whenever you want. Want to add more Moods? Maybe you changed your mind? No problem! Just add another Mood or edit an existing one.

TiO can also help you create whole house TiO Experiences™ for the ultimate in comfort and control. TiO Experiences seamlessly orchestrate multiple rooms and elements to completely automate your home's lights, climate and music. You can schedule Experiences or sync them with sunset and sunrise. Imagine having all the power to perfectly create your ultimate home environment, right in the palm of your hand. No instruction manual, no computer and no service call. Just you and TiO making it happen.

The TiO MasterCoordinator is the heart of the TiO system. The MasterCoodinator creates an invisible Wi-Fi network within your home that talk to all of the TiO and TiO 3rd party connected devices. These devices can also hard wire to the MasterCoodinator as well.

The TiO network is now available to create "Experiences" and "Moods" which are easily configured from your iOS or Android devices.

All of the devices on the TiO network are available to be configured by the end user. This includes music, lighting control, HVAC and security.

Music and sources can be shared between rooms, lighting for any TiO controlled room can be controlled and shared. Thermostats and security can be changed and controlled from inside the home, or from your smartphone or tablet when you are away from home.  

TiO is different than all of the other Home Automation systems: once the TiO devices have been installed and the TiO network has been configured, the end user can easily create "Moods" (or scenes) and "Experiences" within a room or the house without the aid (and expense) of the installer/programmer. 

Home automation systems

TIO Home Automation and Control is different for 3 reasons:

- TIO is a scalable Home Automation system.

You can start with the Master Controller and add as many "Elements" (lighting dimmers, audio, HVAC control, security, etc.) as you require, when they are required. 

- TIO is the one Home Automation system that puts you in control. Once the TIO system is configured, you

can change and delete Moods and Experiences yourself. This saves you money in programming fees and

allows you complete control over your TIO system. If own Control4, Vantage or Savant automation systems, the cost savings become apparent very quickly.

- TIO is suited to work in both new construction and retro-fit installations. All TIO "Elements" such as lighting or security controls can communicate wirelessly to the Master Controller when wires cannot be run, such as  in retro-fit situations.  

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Clean and Simple

The music in a TiO system is controlled by the StealthStream1. This unique little device is a:

- 50 watt X 2 integrated amplifier

- Networked music streamer

- Bluetooth music streamer

- Optical audio input

- A/B switching with auto-sense

- Analog audio output

- runs on TiO wireless network or can be hard wired

The StealthStream 1 is a multi-function device that can fit into an existing single-gang J-box to replace your current volume control or keypad in an existing multi-room audio system or can be easily installed in a new construction application.

The StealthStream 1 can play music that you have streamed from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It can also play music from your local music library on your PC.

The digital optical input on the StealthStream 1 can also be used from a local Home Theatre receiver to play music through the multi-room speaker system with any of the inputs on the AV receiver as it's  source. The analog audio output can also be used to send whatever is playing through the StealthStream 1 to your AV receiver.

Home Automation or Smart Home technology is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Smart Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

A home automation system integrates electrical devices in a house with each other. The techniques employed in home automation include those in building automation as well as the control of domestic activities such as home entertainment systems or changing lighting scenes for different events such as dinners or parties.

Devices may be connected through a home network to allow control by a personal computer, cell phone or Tablet and will allow remote access from the internet. Through the integration of information technologies with the home environment, systems and appliances can communicate in an integrated manner which results in convenience, energy efficiency, and safety benefits.

Managing the ever increasing technology options throughout the home can become overwhelming and A/V Design Consultants in Kitchener has the answer.