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Sound design should not be an afterthought in architectural planning. Sound affects us in so many ways, helping to shape our environment, helping to determine our ability to learn, communicate and be well.Until very recently, most projects haven’t had much thought given to what affect that soundscape might have on the people inhabiting the space, be they office workers, school pupils, teachers or shoppers.

This has resulted in railways stations where train announcements are unintelligible, restaurants where you have to shout to be heard and open-plan schools in which teaching is all but impossible. More recently, research has shown that a poor aural experience can have a considerable negative effect on how we feel and behave, even at a subconscious level. We can assist you incorporating the audio requirements of your next project.

Large-scale venues, such as shopping malls or retail outlets, restaurants, Corporate Boardrooms or custom residential projects can all be designed from the ground up to support proper audio/video systems.  Our designers can work with your plans or drawings, CAD designs and renderings to ensure that all proposed audio video components and systems are integrated seamlessly into your design.

As a commercial or corporate interior designer, you are constantly looking for technology options that will satisfy your clients desires while working within your design concepts. Planar Digital and Custom Solutions offers you the Mosaic line of Digital Displays. Planar Mosaic video walls are the only video wall solution that allows designers to mix-and-match three different LCD display tile sizes (22", 46" and 55") and shapes into unique arrays not possible with traditional video walls.With Planar® Salvador™ - a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio square LCD video tile, Planar Mosaic video walls provide unique opportunities for creativity with digital displays in the same form factor as other building materials. Planar Mosaic LCD video tiles incorporate energy-saving LED backlight technology and boast a thin installation profile of less than four inches.


When brought on board as your pre-construction design team partner, we can provide the insight you need to ensure your clients' electronic systems installation run smoothly. By incorporating these features at the time of construction, you achieve homes where technology is a primary element of the structure and not an afterthought or add-on.

Wires are hidden behind walls with the same precision as a ventilation system - unseen, clutter-free and functional. Speakers and screens are set into walls with the same elegance as sconces and windows. Wall mounted touch panels link electronic systems to form a complete automated network.This meeting of sophistication and simplicity is what will set your designs apart from the competition and your clients will enjoy the benefits derived from properly applied technology in their home.

We are aware of how technology should integrate into your customer’s lives and lifestyles and we can assist you in incorporating this technology that your customers are requesting. A Flat screen TV that can disappear behind a painting or, Mirror TV is place of the Flat screen over the Fireplace…… these applications, and more, are all available for use in your designs.

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Imagine giving your clients total awareness and control of their environment at their fingertips. Bringing your design to life is key to the success of any project.

Beyond the marble foyers, cathedral ceilings, grand staircases and granite countertops are less tangible luxuries that will put you in the forefront of design. Introduce your clients to the premier luxury in home design - a home control and entertainment system from A/V Design Consultants.

We specialize in designing, programming and installing innovative home theatre systems, multi-room audio systems, lighting and climate controls that are sophisticated but easy to use, motorized window shading solutions to adjust natural light, and seamlessly networked data and telecommunications systems. 

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