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   Watching a movie outside with high quality video and sound in the evening or nighttime is an exclusive experience, and it's one that can be yours!

Tannoy outdoor speakers 

When incorporated with some Multi-Room audio systems, outdoor speakers can also be used to notify you that someone has rung the doorbell at the front or side door of the house. The Multi-Room system will mute the audio that is playing and allow the doorbell to ring through the speakers. When the doorbell has completed, the Multi-Room system will allow the music to begin playing through the speakers once again.

We would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have regarding our outdoor audio products. Please feel free toCONTACT USand we be delighted to discuss your outdoor audio/video needs.

Newer systems have specially-made outdoor subwoofers that can be easily hidden by your landscaping, and multiple camouflaged speakers are hidden throughout the outdoor space providing very even sound coverage. This allows a lower overall volume level while filling your yard with sound over a much wider area than was previously possible. Your music system will easily be heard, but will be hard to find. 

If you would like to enjoy your favorite TV programs and movies outdoors, special weatherized flat screen TV’s may be exposed to the weather elements and feature special screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. If you like to entertain outdoors or spend time around the pool with family and friends, having your music available to you outside is an absolute joy!

Planter speaker by Jacuzzi 

Rock speaker by pool 

Sunbrite Outdoor TV

Outdoor Audio Video

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This YouTube video from Snap AV can give you an idea about some of the options available for outdoor audio video. A/V Design Consultants carries the full line of Episode outdoor speakers as well as Sunbrite TV.

Great and audio & video can also be available for you and your family outdoors. All of the same high

quality audio and video sources that you have available to you inside the house can also be outdoor.

distributed outside. These sources and televisions can be controlled by keypads, Touchscreen controls

and wireless devices such as Tablets, phone or Fablets.

Fully weather-proof flat screen televisions from Sunbrite TV are available in screen sizes up to 84 inches

and they can be left outside all year round. Imagine watching Sunday afternoon sports while sitting

outside while enjoying the summer weather.