Victoria Park in Kitchener

Victoria Park Monument

Victoria Park is an amazing recreational destination for locals and visitors. This haven of tranquility mixes timeless elegance and modern amenities to provide its visitors with a calm setting to relax and unwind.

Why Visit Victoria Park?

Nestled in Kitchener’s downtown area, Victoria Park still contains most of the original amenities that were present during its opening in 1986. This includes an iron bridge that provides visitors with a means to cross the lake, two cannons, and some of the flower beds and shrubs that were planted as the park was being launched. The lake’s charm is unmistakable and its mixture of historic and modern elements makes it a great recreational destination for the young and old.

Victoria Park Bridge

Modern Features of Victoria Park

Here are some of the modern features that make the park such an attraction;

  •         Victoria Park Pavilion. This is a licensed hall that has a stage that you can rent for your nuptials.  
  •         A picnic shelter and summer kitchen. Great for your outdoor parties.
  •         A creative playground and splash pad for a fun outdoor experience.
  •         A basketball court.

Park Kictchener

What you can experience at Victoria Park in Kitchener

The lake is about 2.3 ha in size, with the deepest section measuring 3 meters. It is perfect for recreational activities like boating and skating. The lawn is well manicured and the park benches are positioned strategically to give you a good view of the lake.

The park hosts several events throughout the year like the Multicultural festival and family events during the holidays. Roos Island has a gazebo that provides the perfect background for taking photos. Visit Victoria Park today for a great outdoor experience.

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